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Family of William STABLE and Hannah SAWREY

Husband: William STABLE (1828-1896)
Wife: Hannah SAWREY (1834-1908)
Children: Dorothy STABLE (1864- )
Annie STABLE (1866- )
Hannah STABLE (1870- )
Elizabeth STABLE (1872- )
John STABLES (1878-1962)
Marriage Jun 1864 St John the Baptist, Ulpha, Cumberland

Husband: William STABLE

Name: William STABLE
Sex: Male
Father: William STABLE (1793-1862)
Mother: Ann NICHOLSON (1793-1863)
Birth Mar 1828 Beck House, Seathwaite, Lancashire
Baptism 6 Apr 1828 (age 0) Holy Trinity Church, Seathwaite, Lancashire 1
Residence 1841 (age 12-13) Seathwaite, Lancashire, England 2
Occupation (1) 1864 (age 35-36) Husbandman and Slate Quarry Man; Wallowbarrow, Ulpha, Cumberland 3
Occupation (2) 1871 (age 42-43) Quarry Man; Stoneythwaite, Ulpha, Cumberland 4
Death 11 Jun 1896 (age 68) Stoneythwaite, Ulpha, Cumberland
Probate 18 Aug 1896 (age 68) Carlisle, Cumberland to Hannah his wife 5

Additional Information

Residence Hollinhouse, Seathwaite, Lancashire
Living with his mother and uncle David
Occupation (2) Living with his brother-in-law
Probate 585 9s 6d

Wife: Hannah SAWREY

Name: Hannah SAWREY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1834 Ulpha, Cumberland, England
Occupation Farmer's housekeeper
Death 22 Sep 1908 (age 73-74) Stoneythwaite, Ulpha, Cumberland
Probate 12 Feb 1909 (age 74-75) Carlisle, Cumberland to John Stables, Husbandman (10)

Child 1: Dorothy STABLE

      Dorothy STABLE, Ulpha Wallowbarrow farm    
Name: Dorothy STABLE
Sex: Female
Birth Sep 1864 Wallowbarrow, Ulpha, Cumberland

Child 2: Annie STABLE

Name: Annie STABLE
Sex: Female
Birth Feb 1866 Wallowbarrow, Ulpha, Cumberland
Baptism 2 Apr 1866 (age 0) St John the Baptist, Ulpha, Cumberland 6

Child 3: Hannah STABLE

Name: Hannah STABLE
Sex: Female
Birth 1870

Child 4: Elizabeth STABLE

      Elizabeth STABLE, Ulpha Stoneythwaite (2)    
Name: Elizabeth STABLE
Sex: Female
Birth Aug 1872 Stoneythwaite, Ulpha, Cumberland
Baptism 4 Aug 1872 (age 0) St John the Baptist, Ulpha, Cumberland

Child 5: John STABLES

      John STABLES, Ulpha Stoneythwaite    
Name: John STABLES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Thamar HAILE (1879-1960)
Birth 1878 Stoneythwaite, Ulpha, Cumberland
Occupation Agricultural Labourer
Inheritance 12 Feb 1909 (age 30-31) Carlisle. Cumberland 7
Death 7 Jul 1962 (age 83-84) Bank End, Torver, Cumberland

Additional Information

Inheritance Inherits 10 from his mother Hannah


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