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Family of Jackson STABLE and Elizabeth COWHERD

Husband: Jackson STABLE (1831-1902)
Wife: Elizabeth COWHERD (1843-1904)
Children: Jackson STABLE (1861- )
John STABLE (1864- )
Elizabeth Mary STABLE (1865- )
Clara Agatha STABLE (1868- )
Thomas Cowherd STABLE (1870- )
William STABLE (1872- )
Alfred STABLES (1874-1935)
Frances J STABLE (1879- )
Reuben STABLE (1881- )
Marriage 28 May 1860 Kendal, Westmorland

Husband: Jackson STABLE

Name: Jackson STABLE
Sex: Male
Father: John STABLE (1798-1880)
Mother: Agnes BROADLEY (1799-1859)
Birth 1831 Hermitage, Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire
Death 1902 (age 70-71) Troutbeck, Westmorland
Occupation Slate River

Wife: Elizabeth COWHERD

Name: Elizabeth COWHERD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1843 Kendal, Westmorland
Death 6 Aug 1904 (age 60-61) Longmire Gate, Troutbeck, Westmorland 1

Child 1: Jackson STABLE

Name: Jackson STABLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1861 Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire, England

Child 2: John STABLE

Name: John STABLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1864 Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire, England

Child 3: Elizabeth Mary STABLE

Name: Elizabeth Mary STABLE
Sex: Female
Birth 1865 Kentmere, Westmorland

Child 4: Clara Agatha STABLE

Name: Clara Agatha STABLE
Sex: Female
Birth 1868 Kentmere, Westmorland

Child 5: Thomas Cowherd STABLE

Name: Thomas Cowherd STABLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1870 Kentmere, Westmorland

Child 6: William STABLE

Name: William STABLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1872 Kentmere, Westmorland

Child 7: Alfred STABLES

Name: Alfred STABLES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Clara Eliza DENNY (1877-1961)
Birth 1874 Kentmere, Westmorland
Death 1935 (age 60-61)
Occupation Slate Maker

Child 8: Frances J STABLE

Name: Frances J STABLE
Sex: Female
Birth 1879 Langdale, Westmorland

Child 9: Reuben STABLE

Name: Reuben STABLE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Agnes ROUTLEDGE (1889- )
Birth 1881 Troutbeck, Westmorland
Occupation Domestic Gardener


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