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Richard STABLES's mother: Mary Elizabeth STABLE (1863-1945)

Family of Richard Willan STABLES and Ethel May H SHAW

Husband: Richard Willan STABLES (1890-1927)
Wife: Ethel May H SHAW (1891- )
Children: Marjorie May STABLES (1915- )
Eric Verdun STABLES (1917-1999)
Winifred Zoe STABLES (1918- )
Sheila Dorien STABLES (1919- )
Marriage Dec 1973 Nelson, Lancashire

Husband: Richard Willan STABLES

Name: Richard Willan STABLES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: Mary Elizabeth STABLE (1863-1945)
Birth 1890 Kendal, Westmorland
Death 26 Jan 1927 (age 36-37) 62 Southfield Street, Nelson, Lancashire 1

Wife: Ethel May H SHAW

Name: Ethel May H SHAW
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 8 Feb 1891 Nelson, Lancashire

Child 1: Marjorie May STABLES

Name: Marjorie May STABLES
Sex: Female
Birth 1915 Nelson, Lancashire

Child 2: Eric Verdun STABLES

Name: Eric Verdun STABLES
Sex: Male
Birth 19 Jan 1917 Nelson, Lancashire
Death 17 Dec 1999 (age 82) Nelson, Lancashire

Child 3: Winifred Zoe STABLES

Name: Winifred Zoe STABLES
Sex: Female
Birth 1918 Nelson, Lancashire

Child 4: Sheila Dorien STABLES

Name: Sheila Dorien STABLES
Sex: Female
Birth 1919 Nelson, Lancashire


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