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Thomas STABLES's sister: Sadie STABLES (1914-1933)

Family of Thomas Wilson STABLES and Sarah Ann HARDACRE

Husband: Thomas Wilson STABLES (1912-1962)
Wife: Sarah Ann HARDACRE
Children: Gordon STABLES
Geoffrey STABLES

Husband: Thomas Wilson STABLES

      Thomas Wilson STABLES, 1960, age 48, Thomas Wilson Stables    
Name: Thomas Wilson STABLES
Sex: Male
Father: John STABLES (1889-1939)
Mother: Alice SMITH (1887-1929)
Birth 27 Mar 1912 31 Manor Street, Nelson, Lancashire
Occupation Supervisor in Dye Works
Death 1962 (age 49-50)

Additional Information

Birth 31, Manor Street, Nelson, Lancashire

Wife: Sarah Ann HARDACRE

Name: Sarah Ann HARDACRE
Sex: Female
Father: John HARDACRE (1893-1959)
Mother: Sarah Ann FOSTER (1893-1982)

Child 1: Gordon STABLES

Name: Gordon STABLES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorothy SLATER

Child 2: Geoffrey STABLES

Name: Geoffrey STABLES
Sex: Male