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Elizabeth STABLE's parents: Wilson STABLE (1813-1895) and Ann GILE (1819-1858)

Family of George DAWSON and Elizabeth STABLE

Husband: George DAWSON (1838- )
Wife: Elizabeth STABLE (1842- )
Marriage 30 Jun 1863 Holy Trinity Church, Seathwaite, Lancashire

Husband: George DAWSON

Name: George DAWSON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1838 Seathwaite, Lancashire, England

Wife: Elizabeth STABLE

      Elizabeth STABLE, Wasdale Head St Olaf's (2)    
Name: Elizabeth STABLE
Sex: Female
Father: Wilson STABLE (1813-1895)
Mother: Ann GILE (1819-1858)
Birth Feb 1842 Wasdale Head, Cumberland
Baptism 3 Apr 1842 (age 0) St Olaf's Church, Wasdale Head, Cumberland